First Ever Transgender Graduate of The Polytechnic University of the Philippines as Magna Cum Laude Shares Her Struggles Before Attaining Success

The Philippines is still largely a conservative country, in the predominantly Catholic country acts of homosexuality, like cross-dressing and living in the opposite of the gender they were born in, are still largely frowned upon by members of society.

Those who declare themselves as part of the LGBT+ community have a hard time of attaining acceptance from the largely conservative society. Aiza Zeguerra and Charice Pempengco, for instance, are good examples, being ostracized for “coming out” as lesbians and for eventually living as transgender men.

Ianne Gamboa suffered no differently as the two mentioned earlier from his peers. Knowing from a young age that she was more feminine than masculine. Gravitating towards toys like Barbie dolls and kitchen sets instead of toys normally preferred by boys, he knew early on that he was gay.

Knowing his gender orientation his parents were rather supportive of her lifestyle choice. But sadly his peers did not share the views of his parents, they often bullied him because he was gay, the bullying sometimes got physical prompting his parents to step in.

Eventually, Ianne went on to live as a woman in her teens, becoming a transgender woman, during her teens she had a lot of suitors, but her suitors, realizing she was a male at birth, left.

But instead of sulking, she kept moving forward, putting aside the bad things she had to endure. Despite being ridiculed for years by different people, she didn’t let them define her, she did not let them control her, and she did not let them have their way.

She followed her own path deciding what she will do with her life and making her own choices. And through her hard work and perseverance, she achieved success, graduating as Magna Cum Laude.

Source: GMA(Tunay na Buhay)

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