Muddy but still smiling, girl’s story prompts government to fix the road in their town Immediately

The photo of the girl with her muddied uniform recently went viral. The school girl was from Maragusan, Compostela Valley, Davao. She was covered in mud, with her feet and legs being coated in mud and her uniform was likewise muddied.

But despite her current predicament she still managed to sport a charming smile, her smile charmed many netizens making her an instant viral sensation on Facebook.

The girl’s dad, Nel Tatskieboy Paulines explained why they were in their current muddy situation through sharing photos of a road covered in a slurry of viscous mud. Netizens were astounded that the girl could still manage to smile after suffering such an ordeal.

But it was all for progress Paulines said, the soup like mud covering the road was caused by a construction firm digging up the road for a road widening project, as Paulines explained “all for progress”.

It was just unfortunate that heavy rains hampered the construction process and also turned the road into a thick slurry of mud. Residents are forced to endure the road because it’s the only to reach their homes.

But despite her uniform being soiled the girl’s positivity still remained, staying calm as they pushed through the puddle and smiling as if her uniform didn’t get soiled. Reinventing and putting a new meaning to the phrase “keep calm and keep smiling”.

Netizens sang praises to her saying that she has bright future ahead of her, because of her positive disposition in life, smiling in the face of adversity, and her determination to go to school despite the challenges in front of her.

Her viral photo prompts the LGU to hasten the project of fixing the 1-km long road. After learning that because of the viral photo the LGU took notice, the Netizens proposed that other problematic projects should also be posted online to get the attention of the government.

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