This Handsome Police Officer Captures Public Eyes and Hearts

Being a police officer is one of the hardest profession to take especially it needed to build up a robust physique and a well-equipped mind. It comprises a strong sense of self-discipline, submissiveness and accumulates duty and responsibility.

One must be ready to cater the security and safety of others than himself. We are always left in awe whenever we encounter them in public. But recently, a police officer did not garner recognition from the public because of his works but by his physical appearance.

His popularity caught the eyes of the women when a picture of him went viral from the Facebook page named Pinoy Bae. His snapshots of him during working admired many netizens.

His hunky body made his admirers drool over. Some of the pictures include in some police gatherings, a serious pose at a police mobile or just a selfie with his co-workers.

Wearing in a uniform with an embroidered surname, the netizens identified this handsome officer as Luc Gal Ang. His face always outshines the rest of his co-police officers whenever they had a group picture.

Some netizens crack down jokes including his looks. They mentioned that he shouldn’t be alluring ladies to melt down over but kicking bad guys down. It would be overwhelming if he can do so to add ‘pogi points’.

Other obsessed ladies would even dare to ask him a date or go out with him. Sadly, he found the love of his life and married her already. The lucky girl was Christine Yntatano, according to his Facebook account.

The news shattered the hearts and the fantasies of the others. A lot of them anticipated Luc as single and ready to mingle because of the fresh and innocent face.

However, there are some that joked of having him be chased in the public to have a glimpse, a picture with him or even a meetup. They would even also commit petty crimes in his district so they get the chance of seeing him.

The police officer may have caught the eyes of many admirers but we shouldn’t take the physical appearance for granted. We should still be looking out for his performance, his commitment to his job and his duty to protect the lives of the citizens.

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