Karina Johnson is the New Kim Domingo Admired by Netizens

Karina Johnson is now the recent trending and internet sensation because she may be entitled as version 2.0 of Kim Domingo. She may satisfy this with boasting luscious hips, carnal eyes and sensual ambiance of her body.

Karina is a model who is very careful with her body and loves working out. The results of this can be seen in her Instagram posts showing off her body-to-crave-for poses and seem like people been loving it.

Some of it includes a body which exhibits that hard-to-attain coca-cola body garnishing off with a lovely face. She is truly comparable to any goddess, making her the topic for the moment.

She has been featured on different Facebook pages including her sizzling hot pictures. It fuels a fire of blazing discussions of how stunning the model was and collected a lot of praises and compliments from the netizens.

A lot of them even extended their admirations to her. Now, some of them turned out to be solid die-hard fans that wait for her new posts constantly to left them in awe. There is no stopping now for other people to become fans too.

This time, a major portion of her online audience resembled her to Kim Domingo saying the two of them share several features. They came up with such argument since they have been consistent in observing every detail of her from the tiniest speck in the skin to her foot.

What’s the next for her? This question circulates on the minds of her followers. They were curious whether the model would sign up as an actress in a television, or delve in the industry of entertainment and showbiz.

In fact, they would support her nonetheless if she became a Kapamilya or Kapuso actress. However, Karina did not mention any of these on her posts and proceeded over her usual routine. Upload a picture and let her fans be adorned by it.

As of now, she garnered 280,000 followers and continues to grow more in her Instagram account. The Puerto Rican and Filipina blood concoction she possesses made her a magnificent and splendid human being.

All of her exceptional features and overall physique allure whoever sees it. The last thing to completely top it off is her attitude. Does she have what it takes to be the next Kim Domingo?

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