Triplets Brothers Graduate College With Flying Colors as Cum Laudes

Two is a company and three is a crowd, in this case, a crowd of cum laudes. Ace, Jack and King Pagaran, all named after face cards, together with a 10 and a queen of the same suit would make a royal flash, the highest hand in poker.

In real life, the triplets did not fail to live up to their face card namesakes, with the triplets graduating with flying colors. The triplets are the children of farmers Sonny and Leliza Pagaran of Isabella Province.

Struggling with the high cost of college education to help their sons get their Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Provincial Technical Institute of Agriculture on ISU’s Cabagan campus.

The Pagaran couple had had to sell their farm to relatives, they also had to continue to work the land of their once owned farm to support the college education of their three sons.

Because of the rising costs of miscellaneous fees, transportation, and other school expenses the couple had to resort to loaning money for the continued education of the triplets, some creditors and neighbors discouraging the already debt-ridden couple from keeping their three sons in college.

Paying no heed to them the couple pushed through, enabling their sons to get a degree in agriculture but agriculture wasn’t exactly their first choice, the triplets initially wanted to pursue criminology but their uncle Rexon Baldova advised them that there were more advantages to studying agriculture.

Their uncle also added that the tuition for an agriculture course was virtually free. The triplets weren’t just good in academics they were also morally upright as their fellow graduates Ali Salinas Simon and Cynthia Obispo said in their college yearbook, they had been praying that all three would not change.

Simon said. “I hope that we will all be successful and happy because we have been together with them.”

The triplets also helped their parents work the land, and surely the sacrifices made by them and their parents were not to go to waste, they have their diplomas to show for their hard work.

Enabling them to pass the challenge of college and now they seem prepped to tackle the next challenge after college the “real world obstacle of employment,” as they say.

Source: Rachfeed

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