A Kind Security Guard Admired by Netizens After Treating The Street Kids to Mcdonalds

Most of the people nowadays are so fond of building their own empire neglecting to offer help to their needy fellowmen. But recently an act of kindness shown by the security guard went viral online and reminds the netizens that you can help others regardless of your status in life.

Security guards pledge to protect the establishment where they work and one of their safety protocols is to keep away street folks from entering the building especially restaurants.

Maybe one of the reasons for this is to protect other civilians inside the building from any possible harm they could make. That is why when a security guard allows a street kid to get inside a restaurant and eats with the kid, it is such a rare act!

This kind of scene was captured on camera by a person named Tiemsin and was shared on his Facebook account. Together with the photo he wrote a caption,

“Walang kaarte arteng nilibre at isinabay na kumain ang mga batang kalye. Maagang Pamasko ni Kuya sa dalawang bata.Sana yung mga may kaya sa buhay, di nagsasayang ng pagkain. Kasi yung iba kailangan pang manghingi o mamalimos o di kaya minsan maghintay ng tira tira ng kapwa nila, makakain lang.Sana tularan natin si Manong Sekyu.”

A lot of netizens were able to see this post and they applauded the security guard for his noble kindness. Some other says that he is a true hero while others called her “Santa Sekyu”.

It is such a cliché to see that people who experience hardship in life are the ones who would help the people who are in need. Just like the security guard who works a minimum of 12 hours a day knows how it feels like to be hungry shares food with a street child who is hungry with a different kind of food, not just the typical rice and salt.

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