This Boy Fell Into Tears After Seeing Colors For The First Time in His Life

Some people says to see is to believe while others says you have to believe first before you can see. This might be true for different situations just like the story of a boy who was not given the privelege to see colors starting the day he is born.

A video went viral online because of this heart-melting reaction of a boy who saw the colors come to life. At first, you can see on the video how he was enjoying his new special glasses that allows him to recognize the colors.

His mother was the one taking the video while his father is guiding him while he touches the balloons with different colors. As he held the balloons in his hand, his dad would say its colors and the boy would follow.

They had a mini test about colors and the boy was able to memorize what a red looks like and so with the other balloon colors. The boy told his dad that without the glasses, those balloons looks the same except for the red balloon which to be color brown.

After recognizing the colors through the balloons, his father guided him to look around the place and the boy was so happy and could not explain what he felt at the moment.

His father also encouraged the boy to look up the sky and the clouds. At first, he was hesitant to it but then as he lift up his head and gaze the sky, he was amazed to see how beautiful is God’s creation. He cannot contain his happiness and started to cry and run off to hug his father.

His father was touched to see that finally his son was able to experience the beauty of nature and he begun to cry also. His mother who was holding the camera was also delighted to see that heart-melting scene of his husband and son.

Thanks to technology, the boy don’t have to suffer that long from color blindness and was able to appreciate the people, objects and nature that surrounds him.

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