Eldest Son of Manny Pacquiao Surprises The Public as He Revealed His Current Relationship with a Half Filipino-Malaysian Model

Being one of the highly known families in the country, people have been following every news about the Pacquiao family. This started when Manny Pacquiao became famous after winning a lot of fights in his boxing career. He also served as one of the Senators in the country.

His wife Jinkee became one of thr beauty ambassador of the famous beauty company Belo Group. Despite being popular, the Pacquiao family remained to be humble that is why a lot of people loved them.


The couple has five children and the eldest among them is Michael. He has not been in the news until netizens got curious about the girl he posted in his social media account.

The girl was known to be Yazmin Aziz. She is a Filipino-Malaysian model who is based in Kuala Lumpur. She is also a singer in Malaysia and with her looks, there is no doubt how stunning she is.

The curiosity of the netizens came to an end after Michael posted a photo of Yazmin with no caption just fire emoticons to express how hot is his girlfriend. People got excited to know the real score between the two. Yazmin posted a comment of hearts on the said post and then it became viral.

Because of this incident photos of Yazmin together with the Pacquiao family scattered throughout the internet. Some of these pictures are with Michaels brother Jimuel and even with the Boxing Champ Senator Manny Pacquiao.

The two have been doing their best to keep their current relationship status strong as they have to deal with the long distance relationship syndrome. Despite being apart from each other, Yazmin shows how much Michael is special to her by making a cover of their favorite songs on Youtube.

Manny and Jinkee have been very supportive of their children ever since and now that Michael has a new love life, they are much very happy to see how their son matures. Meanwhile, netizens are putting their eyes on this love birds and they hope that Michael and Yazmin’s relationship stay strong.

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