This is the Inspiring Story of Iah Seraspi Who Started From the Bottom and Became a Topnotcher of Licensure Examination for Teachers

Education is one of the treasures a parent can give to their children. This is the reason why our parents have worked hard, not just wanting to give us what we needed but also to send us to school and learn.

But what will you do if your parent can’t send you to school? This is one of the major problems in our society today. A lot of youths can’t have a proper education because their parents can’t send them to school due to poverty.

Iah Seraspi is one of these unfortunate kids in our country. She grew up not having the abundance of food on the table. She was able to eat some noodles at times but for her, it is already a luxury.

Aside from having not enough food, their house doesn’t have electricity and she had to study under the light of an oil lamp. Despite this hardship and challenges in life, Iah brought good news to her family and to her province in Romblon. This humble lady became Top 2 of the 2015 Board Exam for Secondary School Teachers! How did she do that?

Iah did a lot of hard work just to reach the top. She graduated as the school’s batch valedictorian and she inspired a lot of people because of her success in school. One of these people is Kristoffer Esquejo, the owner of the Ernesto Esquejo Scholarship Foundation. He quickly sympathized for Iah and offered help.

She was able to go to college and took Bachelor of Science in Education (BSED), major in Biological Science at Romblon State University. This became possible with the help of people believing in Iah and a scholarship from CHED.

Hardship didn’t end here because she needs to listen well to her teachers because she doesn’t have the money to buy books or to have a photocopy of them. When she gets a chance she will borrow from her classmate and jot down some notes. Being determined, Iah graduated Cum Laude of her class in College.

Her journey continues in having a review for LET. She enrolled in Carl Balita Review Center in Romblon and according to an interview with ABS-CBN, it was a tough grind for her.

“My schedule in the review center was 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. I would go home and continue reading my review materials. I would sleep from 2 a.m. until around 4 a.m. and read again the whole day.”

With this hard work and perseverance toward her goal she achieved an average of 90.2 making her Top 2 on the list. When she was asked what is her secret to her success, this is what she says :

“God helps those who help themselves!” added Iah Seraspi.

Iah’s parents and all the people of Romblon were so happy and proud for her achievements in life.

May Iah be a good example and inspiration to all youths to not just look at their miserable life as a misfortune but to make it as an inspiration to dream more and dream big.

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