Gorgeous Twins Mavy and Cassy Legaspi Glams Up For Their Pre-Debut Photoshoot

There is no doubt that Zoren and Carmina were able to raise gorgeous kids. The twins Casy (Cassandra) and Mavy (Maverick) have become the talk of the town when they first appear on television and started their showbiz career. Time flies and this twin will be having their debut celebration next year January 6, 2019.

Debut celebration has been part of the Filipino tradition. Turning 18 is a special event because this officially marks the end of childhood and the start of more adventure and responsibility in life just like having the right to vote and make decisions for themselves.


Like any other parents, the Legazpi couple have been putting all their efforts to make the 18th birthday celebration of their children not just memorable but also fabulous.

Recently, the twin went viral on social media as Nice Print Photography revealed some of their mysterious pre-debut photoshoots.

One of the beautiful photos posted by Nice Print has a caption that says, “Side by side, twins connected by the heart. @mavylegaspi and @cassy Pre 18th birthday shoot. Shot at @theconceptroomstudio”

It can be seen in the photos that Casy and Mavy were all glammed up and poses just like professional models. Their outfits have intricate details from well-known designers in our country.

There is something in the photos that show how Mavy and Casy are connected with each other. It is like they were telling a story about them. Not only the twins have enjoyed the photoshoot but also their parents Carmina and Zoren Legaspi.

The two were also glammed up and poses like the king and queen Looking young at their age, the couple looked like they were just the older siblings of the twin.

People can’t stop praising the twins and says that they are so gorgeous. Some say that Casy looks like her dad while Mavy looks like her mom. They are also excited about what will be the theme of the twin’s debut birthday party next year.

What a beautiful family indeed! We can’t wait to see more teasers and the actual event.

Source: Showbizhub

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