Inspiring True to Life Hero: Homeless Man Returned Missing Wallet With Hundreds Of Dollars Inside

Money can reveal the true character of a person. Some people changed because they have lots of money while other people remained to be humble despite their success in life. In our generation today where wages are low while daily commodities are growing higher, a lot of people are willing to sacrifice their integrity just to put food on their stomach.

This is one of the reasons why crimes are counting more and more each year. But here’s inspiring news of a homeless man from Thailand who surrendered the lost and found a wallet to the authorities.

This nobleman is known as Warlop. He is homeless, no food and money to keep. One day he saw a wallet full of cash inside but instead of keeping it for himself and his family he surrendered it to the police station.

The authorities have known Warlop to be homeless that is why they were shocked to see how he didn’t hesitate to return the Hermes wallet that has $578 or Php 300,000 and a credit card. The police authorities have contacted the owner of the wallet through his ID and he was shocked to know that his wallet went missing.

The owner of the wallet met Warlop at the police station and he was so grateful for the selfless act of the homeless guy. He said to the police,

“If it was me in that position with no money I probably would have kept it.”

The owner of the wallet was touched by the honesty of Warlop. He wanted to repay the goodness of Warlop that is why he helped him get a house, buy some clothes and even give the homeless man a job!

Such an inspiring story that despite the hard life he is going true, Warlop stayed to his values and does what should be done. What about you? Would you return the wallet to the owner or treat it as yours (finders keepers)? Let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.

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