Surfer From Bali, Indonesia Marries a British Woman Proves Love is Unconditional

Netizens worldwide were stunned by the story of an Indonesian surfer and his beautiful British bride. The story of Karna Radheya an Indonesian surfer and her wife Polly Alexandra Robinson an English woman surprised many people because once again it proves that love transcends race, color, and ethnicity.


The nuptials of the two broke social constructs perceived by many to be norms in society. According to reports the two first met last August of 2017 in the island of Bali in Indonesia.

It was a chronic case of love at first sight for Karna Radheya, the beauty of Polly, her doll-like face and fair complexion that glowed, even more, standing out from the tan complexion of the Indonesian locals around her, seemed to have worked its magic with Karna pursuing her almost immediately.

Their love blossomed every time they met and spent time with each other, but their relationship was not without challenges, with Polly going back home to Manchester, England, but they managed to overcome these events and their relationship continued to grow strong.

Determined to make their relationship work and adamant to tie the knot, Polly converts to Islam to marry Karna. Last December 17, the two finally said their vows and tied the knot in Karna Radheya’s hometown Magelang, Indonesia in a traditional Muslim ceremony.

Although none of the bride’s family were present during the ceremony the exchange of vows was done in the presence of the ever-supportive family of the groom.


The bride still seemed as excited as her groom despite the fact that none of her family made it to her wedding. After the wedding, the two immediately went back to the place where they first met, in Luku Kitchen a restaurant owned by Karna.

The story of Karna and Polly now serve as an inspiration for many people who have been looking for love and are at the brink of giving up to continue to foster their love for another in spite of the tough odds stacked against them.

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