Miss Vietnam Returns Home in Her Country, Give Total Cash Prize into A Donation

Recently, ninety-four countries vied for the prestigious Miss Universe title and Catriona Gray from the Philippines was hailed as the queen. But some contestants weren’t completely lost like Miss Spain for being the first transgender to join and Miss Vietnam breaking the drought of their country being in Top 5.

Although Miss Vietnam H’hen Nie didn’t make it to Top 3, she earned a lot of support not just from her fellow Vietnamese but also worldwide recognition for being selfless. Most of all even she achieved so much, she remained humble and helpful.

Last Wednesday, H’hen set off her foot in Vietnam. The homecoming was indeed very felt at her awaited arrival. She was welcomed by a large crowd waiting and supporting for her at the airport.

Even the flight caused her exhaustion or possibly jetlag, she showed no tiredness and was revitalized by the smiles and unwavering support of her countrymen.

H’hen uploaded an appreciation post in Instagram where she poured her utmost gratitude to those who backed and supported her since her journey began. She felt a relieving comfort and burst to tears of joy because she was thankful of the support.

We all know how she performed very well that led her to Top 5. Even she didn’t win, she still received different prizes that includes a staggering cash prize of one billion Vietnamese dong (equivalent to almost $43,000). She truly is a generous and charitable person by heart.

Instead of owning up the cash prize that can make her life comfortable as well as her family, she donated the whole to the unprivileged and poor sector of her country.

The Miss Universe organizers noticed the heartwarming move of Miss Vietnam and decided to post the beauty queen’s aim and spread the good news to the world.

In the post, they highlighted where the proceeds will go like scholarships for the poor and social activities. They complimented her amazing act which is the true essence of being a beauty queen.

It is truly impressive of how pageants can turn ladies to women with a cause and passion of contributing to demolishing poverty. In such H’hen Nie’s deed, she could turn interrupted dreams of less fortunate into a reality. She’s indeed a perfect representative for Miss Vietnam that captured the heart of the world.

Source: Rachfeed

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