Filipino Driver Returns Lost Bag with 2M Cash — Proving Honesty is the Best Policy

Today, where war, hunger, disorder, and equality dominates over the goodness inside us, simple yet heart-warming action can bring back our faith and hope that humanity can be restored.

Honesty has now become one of the rarest things we find in a person. The pureness of one’s heart to do good and help others are the key aspects of building a better nation.

One good example is a story of a Filipino taxi driver who just smashed the headlines as he returned a handful of money approximately P2 million along with important documents to his passenger.

This news spread like wildfire as soon as it was shared on the fastest news-relaying medium, the social media. More people shared it repeatedly and it instantly went viral, praises and compliments are raining upon this honest taxi driver named Dennis Geverola. This encouraging story took place in the humble municipality of Sogod in Southern Leyte, Philippines.

Hon. Imelda Tan couldn’t help but be so proud as the municipality mayor of Sogod, as she shares Mr. Geverola’s story in her personal Facebook account. Her caption says it all,

“On behalf of the Municipality of Sogod, I would like to commend the motorcab driver, Mr. Dennis Geverola for returning the bag that was left in his vehicle. The bag contained 2 million pesos in cash and other important documents. May God bless you!”

Being a taxi driver does not always guarantee a comfortable life, day-to-day incomes vary depending on the season and oftentimes it falls below the minimum wage.

The temptation is there when he had to choose between his dignity and the money, in the end, honesty prevails bringing the goodness within him. This what made netizens admire him more, despite the difficult life he faces, he chose to return it to the rightful owner.

Mr. Geverola’s story serves as an eye-opener not only to taxi drivers but to all of us, that no matter how life challenges us and puts our honesty to a test, we should always do the right thing.

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