Real-Life Rapunzel Shows Off Her Beautiful Hair

When you compliment girls, it’s not just all about her dazzling eyes, her wavy curves, or her long legs. Sometimes, they also want to hear admiring comments about their hair.

They exert extra effort to attain the hair they want to have and some faces the worst: hair loss. This problem urges them to discover new things and hold onto the power of Science.

Less fortunate individuals suffer from various conditions which relate to hair loss, millions of them strive to gain what once was lost. One of these individuals is Anastacia Sidorova, a 22-year old Russian model who once suffered from extreme hair loss.

In her early teen years, she was identified to have undergone severe condition called androgenetic alopecia.

This condition causes severe hair loss which might eventually lead to baldness. This took a toll on her and affected her mental wellness as she lost confidence in participating in social events.

Her condition began to worsen when she’s about 18, this made her try new things that might help her situation at hand. So, she tried to seek out a trichologist, one who specializes in hair and scalp care, hoping to find the answer she’s been looking for.

Her decision to visit a trichologist slowly helped hair to gain her confidence back as she started to grow, thanks to the trichologist’s treatment. She was fascinated by how things escalated quickly and how things worked out for her, so she started to understand trichology better and even involved herself in training to become a professional trichologist.

It all came down to a realization that lots of opportunities await as she delves deeper in this particular branch of Science.

When her hair turned back to normal, the words “cut my hair” were buried to the deepest part of her mind. She never got a haircut from that moment, her hair now reaches approximately 90 inches long. She is now entitled as real-life Rapunzel.

Her advertisement under Pantene and on some Russian magazine put her in the spotlight she deserved. She became “Insta-famous” as she gained lots of followers in her social media accounts where she displays her angelic face with her long straight ginger hair.

As she gained knowledge over the years, she shared a piece of advice that most people should follow. She said,

“Before you decide on which shampoo suits you, you need to decide on the type of hair. Improperly selected shampoo can damage your hair very badly.”

She went very specific on hair care advises as she talks about iron content and hormonal balance.

She also admits that she never straightened her hair and she only uses natural treatment to keep her hair healthy and flawlessly balanced.

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