Kuya Kim Suprises Her “Inaanak” Scarlet Snow Belo with this Unique Gift

Christmas day is one of the most awaited events in our country not just because of the beautiful lanterns and lights, delicious delicacies and the caroling of kids but because it is a special day for giving.

Filipinos are well known to exert extra effort in thinking of what gifts they will give to their loved ones. Some of these efforts make an extravagantly surprised or happy.

Just like the famous child Scarlet Snow Belo who went viral on the internet on Christmas season because her mother Vicky Belo posted a beautiful photo of her and a white snake – the python. Yes, Scarlet is holding a snake! Not just holding it but it was lying around her neck as if it is a piece of jewelry.

This happens because her godfather (ninong) Kuya Kim who is known to have passion and interest for animals, brought a great surprise of snakes and a baby tortoise.

Kuya Kim has a lot of pet animals that you can see around his house. With the growing collection of them, his house is slowly turning into a mini zoo.

During the visit of Kuya Kim in Belo’s residence, Scarlet gets excited to meet him at the door because of the unusual treat he brings for the family. The couple Vicky and Hayden also tried to play with the animals as their daughter who is fearless in touching them.

“@scarletsnowbelo is fearless. She immediately asked for the snake to be put around her neck. That’s why I did it na rin.”, said Dra.Vicky Belo in one of her Instagram post.

The initial gift of Kuya Kim to Scarlet is the white python but it pooped in Hayden so instead Scarlet gets a baby tortoise as a Christmas gift. This was posted in her personal account which says, “Today I received a most special Christmas gift from my Ninong @kuyakim_atienza.

I would have asked for this boa but it pooped on my daddy so I got a baby tortoise instead.” She enjoyed the company of this cute little animal and also posed for a beautiful photo.

Scarlet is famous on social media not just because of her charming looks but also because she is a jolly kid that loves to experience everything.

How about you, did you ever received an unusual gift during the Christmas season?

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