American Mother Raises Her Children in the Philippines and Considers Them as “Filipinos”

Being a Filipino is not just possessing the Filipino blood or being a naturally-born one, it is, too, by choice and by embracing its culture and traditions even though you are a foreigner.

Indeed, Filipinos are composed of a pool of interracial genes that outstand other races. They contain interesting characteristics, jovial personalities and family-oriented mindsets which sketches them as a unique race.

There are a lot of Americans who visit the Philippines and had enjoyed the place since then. It is the same for Amber Folkman, a California citizen, who resided now in Manila.

She finished his tertiary education in Hawaii where she fell in love with her husband. They finally settled in Manila with their eldest son right after her husband’s work was transferred ten years ago.

It was a huge adjustment for the family because they weren’t familiar nor had any relatives here. But because of the free-spirited and hospitable nature of the Filipino community, they had no problem adapting.

Amber and her family spent some time learning the lifestyle and culture here in the Philippines. They didn’t just live her for his husband’s work convenience but in fact, enjoyed it.

They’ve fallen in love with Filipino life with her children, aged 6, 4 and 2. They entitled the trio, #3PinoyBoys as the conventional life they know is in the Philippines.

Even the boys didn’t have any traces of Filipino heritage, Amber considers her children as “Filipinos” and the boys seem to love it. They play and act just like other Filipino kids.

Americans would buy in dollar stores or 7/11 but for them, “suking tindahan” is their favorite. Because of their exposure in the community, they’ve acquired the knowledge of every corner of the Filipino culture.

It’s nice to know that there are nonnatives who take Filipino culture in their hearts and practice it full-time. Unlike true Filipinos who are ashamed of themselves, they are welcome to stay as long as they want to. Picking a race, too, is a choice.

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