She is the First Ever Filipina To Work As Head Engineer In National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA

Filipino’s are acknowledged by other countries because of their passion and determination towards work. They also believe that we are intelligent enough to compete with the world’s industrial standards. And with that, a lot of companies abroad preferred hiring Filipino’s because they have proven over the years that the quality of work they give is beyond what is expected.

Another Filipino pride is Engr. Josephine Santiago-Bond who is working as the Head Engineer of National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a space program of the United State’s of America!

Josephine was born and grew up in Antipolo Philipines. Her parents were both Doctors and eventually, her older sister follows their parent’s footsteps but she is not even influenced to do so and took a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at the University of the Philippines.

She admitted in an interview that while studying she is having a hard time with Mathematics but took it as a challenge to at least graduate on time. She also said that she didn’t even know what career path she likes to do after graduation.

“As a child, I always knew I would go to college, get a job, try to earn enough to afford the things I need and want, but I had not envisioned a particular profession.”

Since Josephine’s parents were working abroad, she also migrated back in America after college. She continued her studies at South Dakota State University and achieved a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Josephine has been doing well in her studies and because of this, she was encouraged by her adviser to join a summer job at one of NASA’s ten center which is the John F. Kennedy Space.

She was so happy with the experience but became more ecstatic when she was given a chance to finally work with NASA! Her work description is to supply engineering support to research and technology development projects at John F. Kennedy Space Center.

From having no specific goal of becoming a purpose-driven person, Josephine has really grown matured and eventually loved her profession over time.

“I’m leading very diverse groups of people to bring their whole selves to work whole executing NASA’s mission, which ultimately benefits humankind.”

We are so proud of you Josephine for not just raising the Philippine flag but also being an inspiration to many individuals to participate in serving humankind!

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