This Elementary Teacher Has “Beauty and Brain” Admired by Her Students and Co-Teachers Because of Her Charm

At some point in our high school or even college years, we can’t help but get attracted by a teacher or two. Regardless of how he/she teaches, the looks always hook our eyes and find ourselves trapped in staring. Well, if you had one teacher crush, then you could somehow relate to this.

The circulating photo of a teacher holding research papers, posing between school hallways and premises and taking selfies in classrooms is none other than Kheny Soliva Berco. She is a charming teacher that will change your educational life if you would ever be lucky to be her student.

However, you might pause and stop your enrollment for her class because she only teaches children considered as kids and toddlers. Kheny finished her college years with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with earned specialization – Early Childhood Education at University of St. La Salle in Bacolod City. She is stunning and a lot of netizens admired her on Instagram.

Before, her account was set to private in order to preserve secrecy and solitude. But now it is set to public.

When you scroll down her feed or observe some two or three pictures, you can see how beautiful and cute she is with eyebrows on fleek and brightened up by light makeup.

She’s spiced up quite with an adventurous spirit. She also owns a boa constrictor as a pet that adds up her unique personality. As many would say, “She’s too cool for school.” She is way over than that.

Omitting other hobbies, she really had the passion, commitment, and burning desire to teach. It is portrayed in the dazzling smiles of her students who are gratified and thankful being their guide, educator and a second parent to them.

The true essence of teaching isn’t always about the appearance but by how well you nurture and wield the students and pupils. The appearance is just another point to inspire them.

Source : Manilaflash

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