Brian Mcknight Surprised His Filipina Wife with a Brand New Luxury Car as Birthday Gift

One of the best things in life is sharing your life with someone you love. Someone you can grow old with and someone whom you can build a family with. Many of us really believe that there is someone destined for us. And when we meet that someone, he/she completes that remaining gap inside us. That is why having a partner is a huge thing for all of us.

After you legalize your relationship through marriage, everything else follows. Although as time passes by, some of us lose the spark we’ve had back when we were starting our relationships.

Well, not all, because some still try to put effort and re-ignite the flame of their affection. We put efforts in many ways: materials, time, surprises, and many other things. Let’s face it, receiving expensive gifts can really lift our spirits, although it’s not a necessity, still, it gives us the feeling of being important to someone we dear.

That’s exactly what happened to the 43-year-old Pinay doctor, Leilani Mendoza. Leilani Mendoza is an ordinary doctor, happily married, except that his husband is Brian Mcknight, yes, the famous R&B singer, known internationally.

You might think that being married to Brian Mcknight is a jackpot itself, wait until you discover what he gave her. While many of us are contented with simple rings, chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, Brian Mcknight chose to be a little extra with his gift.

He surprised the Pinay doctor with a $150,000 Mercedez Benz car for her birthday. The singer said in his Instagram post that he was true to his promise when he said that he’s going to give her her dream 2019 Mercedez Benz G-Wagon dream car. So much for a gift, huh?

Nevertheless, even it’s a simple gift or an expensive property, what matters most is your love for each other.


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