Keeping it vintage: take a look at Anne Curtis’ Condo Unit

Certainly, we all dream of having a home. That is why we really work hard to earn enough amount of money to build a house of our own. With this, we take necessary precautions to avoid mistake during the construction of our home.    

Many of us also hire interior designers to fully incorporate the entire look of our house and its accessories. Many artists and personalities have shown their houses to the public. Of course, when it comes to trends, Anne Curtis will always be the setter.

Aside from her choice of clothing, and accessories, Anne recently shared to public her new condo unit that imposes a vintage style and vibe. And as always, the interior design of Anne’s unit totally slayed and nailed the taste of the It’s Showtime host!

As you enter the unit, you will be welcomed in the foyer. The foyer contains a large mirror that almost covers the wall. Aside from that, an elegant table can be seen under the mirror.

As for her guests to feel comfortable, Anne’s unit has a surprisingly spacious living room. The living room bursts in the brownish aura. This is where Anne and her friends spend time together as they watch on her enormous television.

Should Anne wishes to spend some “alone time,” she goes to her Reading area where shelves of books are found. A nearby coffee table also situates inside the area so that she can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while reading her favorite novel.

Ladies like to put make-up in their faces so for most of them, having a powder room is a must. And Anne Curtis is no exemption to that. But what made her powder room stand-out from the rest is the Victorian vibe of hers


Aside from that, Machula tiles blended well with the room’s total aura. Heima Interiors designed Anne’s kitchen with a table that can fit 10 people at a time. The kitchen area, however, has a minimalistic approach as it was mostly white-colored.

Meanwhile, Anne’s guest can enjoy her guest room with a queen-sized bed. It was the same room where Jasmine Curtis sleeps before moving out. Currently, the room serves as a crib for those who wish to take a nap overnight.

“Master Bedroom and Walk-in Closet”

Of course, one of the much-waited parts of a house especially for a star like Anne is her master’s bedroom. Complete with a four-post queen-sized bed and the view of the skyline, her room really fits her personality. But for Anne who always slays her outfits, she sure has a huge closet where she keeps her wardrobes neatly.

Heima Interiors chose the mirror inside her bathroom while Jo-Loza Arts and Antiques provided the glass lamp that perfectly completed the vintage vibe inside her condo unit.

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