She is Niño Muhlach’s Sister who Got “Beauty and Brains” with a Degree in Industrial Engineering

Probably many of us have heard stories regarding the hidden beauty of the siblings of famous personalities. Regardless of their beauty, some of them chose to hide from the limelight and instead work outside the showbiz industry. Many of them are, in fact, more appealing than their siblings who pose in front of the camera.

Some of them took the opportunity to build their own names in the industry. Well, thanks to the evolution of modern technology, we are now able to follow the personal lives of our favorite personalities. It is also through social media that more and more people are being discovered.

Just like what netizens discovered on one of the social media platforms: Instagram. Who can’t remember the cute faces of the Muhlachs? Regardless of their age, and sizes, they still are the cutest thing. They also have an adorable addition to the showbiz, Alonzo who melted the hearts of the audiences.

But what the people don’t know is that the Muhlachs has an equally charming sister. Meet the 24-year-old adventurer, Angela Muhlach. This 24-year-old stunner is not your ordinary girl, with a degree of Industrial Engineering from De La Salle University, she was the first Muhlach who was able to pull off an engineering degree.

Although she free from the stress of the school, Angela chose to spend her time traveling around the world and exploring the wonders of it. If you’re going to check her Instagram feed, you can see that she had traveled to some famous places which include the European country known for its rich history and culture.

But what made more amazing is that she conquered a milestone in her life when she skydived in 2015 from the air of America when she was only 21 years old. That was 10,000 feet high!

But as brave as she can be, she always resorts to her father as she is a daddy’s girl. No wonder why she really is a gorgeous girl, hailing from one of the most prominent families in the showbiz industry, this girl will surely soar high!

Source: IG account angelamuhlach

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