Davao Beautiful Nurse Made Rounds on Social Media After Circumcising Kids

Through the evolution of technology, we are now able to witness and see people who have extraordinary talent with an ordinary status in life. Basically, through social media, we are able to recognize the hidden beauties of people who hide in the depths of the busy society. Some people became famous in their own way because of social media.

Well, another series of photos have been circulating around social media. It’s all about a nurse who captured the hearts and the attention of the netizens with her astounding beauty. Krestle Lailene Deomampo is a nurse.

Hailing from Davao, this 24-year-old registered nurse is making rounds on social media with her photos. Krestle tweeted a photo on Twitter and got 5 likes over her 500 followers captioning it with “Operation Tuli,” a normal day for her.

Far beyond her knowledge, a fake account reposted her photos and this time on Facebook where a larger amount of audience saw the photos. With that being said, men who saw the photos of a nurse circumcising children wished to be circumcised again – by Krestle. Although it’s a little perv, boys aren’t serious about this, are they?

Aside from being a beautiful nurse, Krestle is a self-made public servant. One of her hobbies includes serving in different medical missions. Aside from that, this gorgeous nurse is a model-wannabe.

Well, FHM recently made a statement regarding her entry on the famous magazine. And because of the fake account, thanks to that, Krestle has now an astonishing 15,000 followers on her account.

Boys, calm your mind, okay? Maybe in the next years, you can see her on men’s magazines. We can’t tell. But hold your balls, we are not really sure whether Krestle is single or not. But then again, we need to maintain our respect for one another, regardless of gender.

Source: Krestle Deomampo FB & FHM

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