Sila ang mga artista at kilalang personalidad na mayroong mga trabaho dati na katamtaman lamang ang kita bago pa sila maging sikat

If we had genies in the bottle maybe our first wish would be raining with richness and fame. We would be sitting atop the hierarchical system.

Sadly, life doesn’t work with magic. We only achieve successes with great hardships along the way.

Perseverance, hard work, motivation, determination, and faith are the keys to unlocking the dreams we aspire. As we can see in movies, some famous celebrities aren’t born with golden spoons but struggle their way up from simple beginnings.

To truly inspire us, GMA gathers twelve promising actors’ and actresses’ life stories who started from rags to riches.

Image courtesy: Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo, a bartender in the profession, is just discovered by Talent scouts visiting the bar he has been working on. It was not all about physical appearance as he was one of the prominent celebrities.

Image courtesy: Jericho Rosales

A world-class talent and a hot pick for intimate movies, Jericho Rosales started off as a pizza crew service. He was also a former personal driver until he pursued his studies abroad and eventually got discovered.

Image courtesy: Nora Aunor

“Walang Himala” is a famous line given to us by the actress named Nora Aunor and little did we knew she was once a vendor at a near train station of water and peanuts.

Image courtesy: Richard Gomez

The ever good-looking Richard Gomez was a service crew before being idolized by most women in the country. Aside from being sensational in showbiz, he also entered the realm of politics.

Image courtesy: Marc Pingris

Before being a PBA player, Marc Pingris strengthened his muscles and body by working and selling fishes in a market as well as being an “ice buko” vendor.

Image courtesy: Fernando Poe Jr.

A stuntman always does the hard roles, often tiring and dangerous in an action movie. Fernando Poe Jr. did take the role before advancing as a protagonist and eventually garnering the title “King of Philippine Cinema”.

Image courtesy: Kim Domingo

The seductive looks, jaw-dropping beauty and voluptuous body of Kim Domingo made her “Asia’s Fantasy”. After all, she deserved the title as she formerly worked being a promo girl in a liquor company before.

Image courtesy: Marvin Agustin

Marvin Agustin was every 90’s teen girl dream. Before he captured the eyes of Filipino women, he worked as a waiter and sells food on the street. Now the former food vendor is starring in different movies and telenovelas.

Image courtesy: Dolphy Quizon

Who would forget the legendary comedian, Dolphy? He cleaned shoes for cents and was a coachman before giving us chuckles and laughter.

Image courtesy: Willie Revillame

Willie Revillame was loved by many especially the poor. He was very generous towards them in Wowowin because he was one of them before. He was a jeepney’s barker and sells newspapers on the street.

Image courtesy: Coco Martin

Coco Martin’s full occupation before was a janitor in Canada. He also earned incentives by filling an extra role in Indie films. Today, he dominates movies and TV shows, most famously “Ang Probinsiyano”.

Image courtesy: Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao’s hands knocked out many international boxers making him an ultimate legend. That hands too conquered poverty because before, he was a construction worker and a pastry-maker. He also focused on selling Sampaguitas back then. Now he is not just an in-demand boxer but also a politician.

The past truly reflected what we are today. The traces of their hardships still linger within themselves. Every path they took is proof that dreams are achievable through great hardship.

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